Monthly Archives: January 2017

Franco’s Story

Franco Pascual was 15 years old when he began fishing as a way of helping his parents. Franco would use illegal and dangerous fishing techniques until he realized the effects of these techniques. “I stopped fishing illegally when I realized that the fish catch in the wild was declining and being quickly depleted because of […]

Vanuatu Connections Trip

As an ADRA Connections volunteer you will be a set of lending hands to the local community. For more information contact Braden at ADRA will be constructing water tanks and toilets for this community.  Your team will assist ADRA with these activities. There will be digging, laying of pipes, construction of water tanks and […]

Vietnam Connections Trip

As an ADRA Connections volunteer you will be a set of lending hands to the local community. For more information, download the Vietnam Project Information Sheet or contact Braden – You and your Connections team will help implement the construction work of building toilets for families, and installing equipment such as solar panels and […]

Ay Ming’s Story

Ay Ming Khaing is a thirty-year-old mother of four living in the Dry Zone of Myanmar. From a family of toddy palm farmers, she is accustomed to hard work and low income. The hardy palms are one of the few trees that can survive this harsh, dry climate. As a child she would walk long […]

Rita’s Story

In her elderly age, Rita never imagined having to leave behind the home she had lived in her entire life. But as the bombs fell she knew she had no other choice. Rita and her surviving family members fled their home with nothing but each other, “I left my home high and dry”, she says. […]

Tran Anh Phong’s Story

Mr. Tran Anh Phong is one of the beneficiaries of cow bank activity in Trung Trach village. Before his involvement with the LIBRE project, the main source of income for his family came from seasonal works as well as fish and frog catching, usually earning 50,000 – 100,000 VND per day ($3-7NZD). It was not […]

David’s Story

David Silas is one of the oldest men in his village and has witnessed much devastation throughout his lifetime. Underground wells have been the only source of water for people in this village for over forty years. The water would carry mud and disease leading to illness and death because there were no other options […]

Semi’s Story

Ever since I was a child we have always used the river for our drinking, bathing, washing, cooking and even to bathe our animals. Water is collected for our farms and would be brought to our homes stored in the drums for household use. This day is a memorable one for me and the community. […]

Ra Doeun’s Story

Ra Doeun has been living in Prasat Village with his elderly mother and sister since 1979. “My family has been working hard to make enough money to meet our daily expenses,” Ra says. “Our family has no land. We have little resources for things such as sanitation and hygiene.” Through this project, Ra and his […]