Dennison Grellmann

Chief Executive Officer


Denison, his wife and two young boys arrived in New Zealand in June 2016 when Denison began serving as the ADRA New Zealand CEO. Having moved from the Philippines where Denison served as the Country Director for ADRA. Originally born in Brazil, Denison has been on a great number of adventures in his life having served with ADRA in countries including Madagascar, Mozambique, and Laos, along with time at ADRA Australia and ADRA International. Having previously studied management, accounting and international development, Denison has acquired a great set of skills and experience which adds great value in leading the ADRA team.

Denison is also a strong believer in taking action to support others, “when people see that we truly care about helping them rebuild their lives, they will see a reflection of God in our service.”


Graeme Drinkall

Chief Financial Officer


Graeme Drinkall began working for the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church in 1987 and has worked in Australia, the Pacific Islands and now New Zealand specialising in various accounting roles. Graeme has a Bachelor of Business degree, accounting and finance, and is a Fellow of CPA Australia.  Graeme served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Greater Sydney region for 6 years prior to moving with his family to New Zealand in 2010 to take up his current role as Secretary and Chief Financial Officer of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s New Zealand and Pacific region.  This role includes being Chief Financial Officer for ADRA New Zealand.  Graeme is married to Felicity and has three daughters, Lara, Julia and Aimee.


Braden Blyde

Marketing and Donor Relations Officer


Braden and his wife are both Kiwis by birth, but Aussies by nationality and have a two young sons Ryan and Eamon. In a former life Braden spend his days espousing the brilliance of Shakespeare in his high school English classrooms, and assisting schools in New South Wales and Adelaide with their public relations activities. During his Pathfinder years Braden served as a committed ADRA Appeal Collector.

What is your favourite part about working for ADRA?

I am constantly inspired by the ADRA field workers I meet during my trips. These are the people who are literally on the ground being Jesus’ hands and feet in some of the poorest regions of the world. Their work ethic, integrity and deep sense of mission is always inspiring.

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