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Rita’s Story

In her elderly age, Rita never imagined having to leave behind the home she had lived in her entire life. But as the bombs fell she knew she had no other choice. Rita and her surviving family members fled their home with nothing but each other, “I left my home high and dry”, she says. […]

A Women’s World

A Women’s World: Behind the Scenes With Sanjay Seated at the large oak desk centered in her expansive office, I couldn’t believe that Hermilia’s successful career as a lawyer was built entirely with the money she earned from a copy machine business just a few years ago. But here in the high plateau city of […]

Selling Stories

Selling Stories: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay Pim is not happy to see her father.  The 14-year-old nervously avoids eye contact and her small hands flit about like broken-winged birds.  She shifts her weight from one leg to the other, bites her lip, and blows at a strand of hair falling across her forehead.  It […]