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The Embrace Project aims to support the most vulnerable women and children affected by the Syrian crisis by establishing a centre that provides protection and support, and offers education services for children. The centre, in Dahiuua Qudsiyya, Damascus, will support the welfare of woman and children and provide much needed hope to those affected.

ADRA is partnering with Women’s Ministries in an extraordinary effort to raise $10,000 to help Syrian women and children. We know that if we are able to achieve this, we will be able to help over 1,000 Syrian children continue their education and provide support to over 1,400 women by providing shelter and support services. 

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The Syrian crisis has entered its sixth year. Thousands of families continue to be torn apart. The most vulnerable – women and children. Not only have they been forced from their homes and jobs, but increasingly suffer from sexual and gender based violence, early marriage, child labour and separation from family members. Many women and children in Syria have no place to turn and no options to receive the support and assistance needed.


The key activities for this project include:

  • Establish an Emergency Reception Centre for woman and children in Damascus, Syria.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment for families to consider their options and plan for the future.
  • Supply bedding and shelter for 600 families.
  • Provide counselling and support for families.
  • Provide education for more than 1,000 children.


With your support, the Embrace Project will help over 600 families by providing a safe environment for their families to receive necessary support. Women will have access to counselling services, legal support, recreational activities and skills training to help them support their families.

More than 1,100 children, who can no longer attend school, will receive the opportunity to continue their education and have open access to a safe space which supports their growth and development.

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