SARAM Project

ADRA’s Sustainable and Resilient Agribusiness Development in Mercedes (SARAM) project is helping families’ secure sustainable incomes and improved nutrition. Through the project 1715 people will be trained in improved rice farming, fishing and gardening techniques, giving them the opportunities to provide more for their families and the hope of a better future.

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Almost three-quarters of families in district of Mercedes (Philippines) live below the poverty line. Their poverty is compounded by inadequate access to rice, protein sources and fruit and vegetables. On top of this, the Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Each disaster slows progress and leaves vulnerable family to suffer the most.


The key activities for this project include:

  • Forming and supporting groups of rice farmers to work together to best improve the chances of successful harvesting.
  • Training Rice Farmers to improve their rice planting and harvesting techniques.
  • Teaching fisher-folk more sustainable and productive ways of fishing.
  • Teaching men and women and providing them with equipment to improve the productivity of their gardens through organic farming techniques.
  • Working with the community to identify risks and plan for future disasters to reduce their impacts and save lives


  • The Project is helping the people of Mercedes grow more rice, vegetables and fish farming by providing training to farmers, fisher folk and gardeners on sustainable and efficient growth.
  • 55 Labourers have participated in the System of Rice Intensification training.
  • 176 farmers have received weeding equipment F 382 gardeners have been trained on Organic Vegetable farming
  • 5 Communal gardens are operational and continuing to result in increased income and consumption
  • 7500 grouper fingerlings have been distributed to 15 groups within the community to help support the fish farming process.
  • The Project has supported the Mercedes community by providing opportunities for economic growth and sustainable rice farming, gardening and fish farming.

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